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The A-440 Piano

 Denny Richard, RPT

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Denny Richard, RPT

Tuner-Technician History

Certified graduate of Western Iowa Tech, Sioux City, Iowa - Piano Technology (1975).

Apprentice Member, Piano Technicians Guild (1977).

Registered Piano Technician (RPT) - 1978 to the present.

Professional Experience:  38 Years.

I was trained as an aural tuner and continue to "tune by ear," employing a precisely calibrated Deagan tuning fork, referenced to A=440cps concert pitch.   I choose not use an electronic / digital "visual" aid, during any part of the tuning process.

Upon graduating from Western Iowa Tech in 1975, I became the full time tuner-technician for Music City, Inc., Spokane, WA.  I moved to Idaho, following the death of my Mother in 1977; and the "The A-440 Piano" - Tuning and Repair Service - was fully established in 1978. 

As sole proprietor, I maintained Spokane as my local service hub, while extending an active service radius to about 110 miles north (Colville, WA), east (Kellog, ID), west (Coolie Dam, WA), and 50 miles to the south (Moscow, ID).

In 1992, I relocated to Eugene, Oregon in order to return to study music at both Lane Community College and the University of Oregon while rebuilding my clientele.  My major was in Music Composition with piano and piano accompaniment as my minor. 

Having been born and raised in California, I returned to take up residence among the beautiful pines and firs near Bear Valley, CA in June of 2013.  Here I intend to serve Alpine, Calaveras, and Tuolumne counties, fair weather permitting, until I see to retire or hear the light.

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