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The A-440 Piano

 Denny Richard, RPT

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Denny Richard, RPT

Tuner-Technician History

Certified graduate of Western Iowa Tech, Sioux City, Iowa - Piano Technology (1975).

Apprentice Member, Piano Technicians Guild (1977).

Registered Piano Technician (RPT) - 1978 to the present.

Professional Experience:  38 Years.

I was trained as an aural tuner, and I continue to "tune by ear," employing a precisely calibrated Deagan tuning fork, referenced to A=440cps concert pitch.   I do not use an electronic / digital "visual" aid, during any part of the tuning process.

Upon graduating from Western Iowa Tech in 1975, I became the full time tuner-technician for Music City, Inc., Spokane, WA.  I moved to Idaho, following the death of my Mother in 1977 and established "The A-440 Piano" - Tuning and Repair Service.   As sole proprietor, I maintained Spokane as my local service hub, while extending my active work radius by roughly 110 miles north (Colville, WA), east (Kellog, ID), west (Coolie Dam, WA), and 50+ miles to the south (Moscow, ID).

In 1992, I relocated to Eugene, Oregon in order to return to study music at both Lane Community College and the University of Oregon while building a new clientele.  My major was Music Composition with piano and piano accompaniment as my instrument minor. 

Having been born and raised in California, I returned to take up residence among the beautiful pines near Tamarack, CA in June of 2013.  Here I will actively serve Alpine, Calaveras, and Tuolumne counties, fair weather permitting, until I see to retire or hear the light.

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